In Memoriam Dr. Segesváry Victor (1929-2018) – Rev.Dr.Pungur József


In Memoriam

Dr. Segesváry Victor

Minister of the Reformed Church, theologian, economist, political scientist and author. He completed High School in Miskolc (1939-1940), Kolozsvár (Now Cluj-Napoca, Romania) (1940-1944) and Budapest (1945-1947). He studied Law at the University of Budapest (1947-1949) and was excluded for political reasons in January 1949.
Later, he completed his studies in Theology at the Reformed Theological Academy, Budapest (1949-1954). During the 1956 Revolution, he was elected Co-President of the Christian Youth Federation and a co-opted member of the Student Revolutionary Council of Budapest. He went into exile in November 1956 to Geneva, Switzerland.
He obtained a Ph.D. in Political Science and a Doctorate in Divinity from the University of Geneva. Segesváry was Chaplain of the Hungarian refugees in 1957; Secretary General, Geneva-African Institute, (1961-1962); Research Editor, Business International S.A., Geneva, (1964-1967) and Market Research Manager/Editor, SESAF S.A., Geneva (1967-1968).
He was Head of the Research Department at the Henry-Dunant Institute, ICRC, Geneva, and Lecturer/Supervisor at the International Trade Center (ITC), Geneva (1969-1971). Segesváry’s overseas career includes the following positions: Senior Advisor/Project Manager for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and ITC, in Algeria, Afghanistan and Mali (1971-1984); short-term assignments in Turkey, Egypt and Morocco for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), New York, and ITC, Geneva (1973); Senior Advisor/Consultant, with various UN organizations in New York (1984-1994); assignments in Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Gambia, Mali, Chad, Cameroun, Cambodia, etc.
He has been a visiting professor since 1999: Università del Sacro Cuore – Alta Scuola di Economía e Relazioni Internazionali, Milan (1999); he took part in the European Conference on Problems Related to Immigration in Lecce, Italy (1999); the Conference on Political Perspectives in the New Century, Fondazione Alcide de Gasperi, Rome (2001); at the Institute of World Geography, University of Budapest (2002); Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (2002); he was a lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland (2003). Between 1971 and 1994 he prepared or directed about four hundred studies, documents and reports in the course of his work with the UN. Since 1994, he has published in various languages more than 50 articles and studies. During 2004 and 2005, his lifework was published on the Internet.

Segesváry’s books and collected works are:
The 18th Century History of the Ráday Library (A Ráday Könyvtár 18. századi története) (Budapest, 1992, written in 1955-1956); in English: The History of a Private Library in 18th Century Hungary: The Library of Pál and Gedeon Ráday (Budapest, 2007); The Realism of Khrushchev: Soviet Policy in the Middle East 1953-1960 (Le réalisme khrouchtchévien: La politique soviétique au Proche-Orient, 1953-1960) (Neuchâtel, 1968); The Franco-German War of 1870-1871. The Birth of Red Cross Solidarity (La guerre franco-allemande de 1870-1871. La naissance de la solidarité Croix-Rouge) (Geneva, 1970); Islam and the Reformation: A Study of the Zurich Reformers’ Attitude Toward Islam, 1510-1550 (L’Islam et la Réforme: Étude sur l’attitude des réformateurs zuricois envers l’Islam, 1510-1550 (Lausanne, 1978; reprinted in the USA, San Francisco, 1998, and Lanham, 2002); Inter-Civilizational Relations and the Destiny of the West: Dialogue or Confrontation? (Lewiston, 1998; 2. ed. Lanham, 2000); Existence or Transcendence: An Anti-Faustian Essay in Philosophical Anthropology (1999 Lanham, 2. ed. 2002); Dialogue of Civilizations: An Introduction to Civilizational Analysis (Lanham, 2000), (Civilizációk dialógusa: Bevezetés a civilizációk tanulmányozásába) (Budapest, 2010); From Illusion to Delusion: Globalization and the Contradictions of Modernity (San Francisco, 1999, Lanham, 2. ed. 2001); The Crisis of Western Civilization at the End of the Millennium (A nyugati civilizáció ezredvégi válsága) (Budapest, 2001); Poems and Writings from my Youth, 1951-1953, (Ifjúkori versek és írások, 1951-1953) (Marosvásárhely, 2001); World State, Nation States, or Non-Centralized Institutions? A Vision of the Future in Politics (Lanham, 2003); Hungarians and Modernity: Cultural and Political Perspectives, (Magyarság és modernitás: Kulturális és politikai perspektívák) (Budapest, 2004); Collection of Essays, Articles and Lectures, 1957-2005, (2005):; Twenty-Five Years in the Service of Co-operation for Development (Technical Papers, Written by a Senior Advisor/Project Manager of the United Nations) (1969-1994); Vol. 1. Macroeconomic Perspectives, Area and Sector Studies; Vol. II. Trade Promotion at National and Regional Levels (2006): Collection of Essays, Articles Speeches and Lectures, 1994-2006; Vol. I. Studies and Articles, 1994-2000; Vol. II. Studies, Articles, Speeches and Lectures, 2001-2006; (Tanulmányok, cikkek, beszédek és előadások 1994-2006, 1. Kötet: Tanulmányok és cikkek, 1994-2000; 2. Kötet: Tanulmányok, cikkek, beszédek és előadások, 2001-2006 (2006),; After Dreams About Globalization Towards a Fragmented World (A globalizációs álmok után egy széttöredezett világ felé), 2006,; Between Continents and Cultures at the Twilight of the Modern Age. Autobiography (Kontinensek és kultúrák között a modern kor alkonyának idején. Önéletrajz) (Budapest, 2009). Among his contemporary colleagues its life achievement is outstanding as a theologian, economist, political scientist and author. Victor rest in peace!

Dr. Joseph Pungur.

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